By-law No. 2017-8

Being A By-law To Ensure the Installation, Maintenance and Legibility of Civic Adddressing Signs within the Boundaries of the Rural Municipality of Oakview | VIEW BYLAW 2017-8


By-law No. 2015-14

Being A By-law Of The Rural Municipality Of Oakview To Establish A Minimum Standard Of Maintenance For Dwellings And Other Structures, And To Regulate Yards, Nuisances, Litter, Derelict Vehicles | VIEW BYLAW 2015-14


By-law No. 2017-4

Being a By-Law of the Rural Municipality of Oakview to Provide for the Regulation and Control of Animals within the L.U.D. of Rapid City, L.U.D. of Oak River, the communities of Basswood and Cardale. | VIEW BYLAW 2017-4


By-law No. 2016-3

Being a By-law of the Rural Municipality of Oakview to authorize the Expenditure and Borrowing of money for upgrades to the L.U.D. of Rapid City's Water Treatment Plant; to complete a water distribution study; and to install shut off valves as a Local Improvement | VIEW BYLAW 2016-3


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