Community Wells

The R.M. of Oakview has 9 municipal wells, with untreated water.

  • Riverdale Well                              SE 23-14-19 W
  • Newdale/Old Dale Well              NW 17-15-20 W
  • Wiltsey Well                                  SE 16-14-21 W
  • Cardale Well                                  NW 32-14-21 W
  • Brumlie Well                                 NW 1-15-22 W
  • Well #1/Sunshine Road Well    NE 15-13-20 W
  • Well #2                                           NE 14-13-20 W
  • Well # 3/Couch’s Pit Well          SE 24-13-20 W
  • New Couch’s Pit Well                  SE 24-13-20 W


Oak River Water Treatment Plant     NE 28-13-22 W

The plant is located on the East side of Oak River on Hwy 24.

Bulk treated water can be purchased from this location using the key fob system. Key fobs are available at the Oak River municipal office.