General Government Services

Legislative and Finance Brent Fortune & Frank Hyndman
Policy and Procedure All Council Members
Personnel Walter Froese, Ken Hyndman & Gavin Reynolds

Protective Services

Policing/RCMP Advisory Stephen Carter
Rapid City Fire Department Ken Hyndman & Frank Hyndman
Oak River Fire Department Mark Gill
    Hamiota Brent Fortune
    Rivers Brent Fortune

Transportation Services – All Council Members

Environmental Health Services

Waste Management and Recycling All Council Members

Public Health & Welfare Services

    Rapid City Leonard van Veen & Ron Burnell
    Park Residence Brent Fortune
    Minnedosa Hospital Foundation Brent Fortune & Cindy Ruddick
    Hamiota Hospital Foundation/Stakeholders Alycia Chuckery & Brent Fortune
    Riverdale Hospital Richard Heapy

Environmental Development Services

Midwest Planning District Brent Fortune & Frank Hyndman

Economic Development Services

Midwest Weed Board Walter Froese & Leonard van Veen
Community Development Corporations Brent Fortune
Veterinary Board:
        Minneodsa Ewan Common
        Shoal Lake Brent Fortune
Watershed Districts Ken Hyndman, Leonard van Veen & Frank Hyndman
Brandon and Area Community Foundation Ken Hyndman

Recreational and Cultural Services

Midwest Recreation Board Brent Fortune or Gavin Reynolds (alternate)
Senior Services Ron Burnell
Newdale Hall Committee Brent Fortune
Clack Museum Jim Brown
Rapid City Museum Leonard van Veen
Rapid City Legion Gardens Ron Burnell
Rapid City and District Library Frank Hyndman, Donna Anderson, Raeleen Vassart & Vera Kolesar


Oak River Utility Mark Gill
Rapid City Utility Ken Hyndman


Oak River LUD Walter Froese
Rapid City LUD Ken Hyndman