The R.M. of Oakview’s property taxes are due on October 31st of each year, and there is no discount for early payment.

Please remit your payment by mail, online via your bank or through e-transfer, or drop by our offices and pay in person. Unfortunately we do not accept Debit or Credit cards; cheques (third party cheques are NOT accepted) or cash only please. Taxes may be paid in installments at any time prior to the due date or after.

  • to pay online through your financial institution, search one of the following (each bank has the RM’s name set up differently):
    •  Rural Municipality of Oakview
    • RM of Oakview
    • Oakview Municipality
  • your full roll number will be your account number; your roll number should be 10 digits (ex. Roll# 0003580.000 = 0003580000 or 3580.000 = 0003580000)

PLEASE BRING YOUR TAX NOTICE(S) or the detachable lower portion of the tax notice(s) when paying your taxes!

All taxes are payable at par to the 31st day of October of the year in which taxes are levied. Penalties are 1.25% on unpaid balances, starting on the first day of every month, after October 31st of the current year.

Tax Arrears:
Any prior taxes not paid by May 30th, 2018 will be shown as arrears. PLEASE NOTE that the amount shown is the May 30th, 2018 arrears and penalties of 1.25% per month must be added for each month up to and including the month that you make the payment starting June 1st, 2018 and the first of every month until payment is made.

Change in your mailing address or ownership of property?

It’s important that the municipal office is promptly informed of any mailing address changes to ensure that your tax bill is forwarded to the proper owner(s).
If you are not responsible for payment of taxes, please forward this Statement and Demand for Taxes to the responsible party.
Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse an owner from the responsibility of paying taxes or any late payment penalties.

If you have owned a property for only part of the year, any arrangements to collect portions from the previous owner is strictly between the vendor and purchaser, the R.M. of Oakview does not become involved.

Reassessment Implications

A province-wide reassessment was completed for the 2018 tax year.
The last assessment was updated in 2016.

  • The municipality’s taxable assessment has increased from $189 million to $214 million (a difference of $25 million or 13%)
  • The result of this assessment has been:
    • A decrease of 2.1% on single family residential properties
    • An increase of 16.4% on farm properties
    • A decrease of 7.3% on commercial/industrial properties

If you wish to challenge this assessment, the Board of Revision will accept applications for revision and is scheduled to sit on October 23rd, 2018 at 8:00 pm.