2022 Municipal Council Election


2022 Official Election Results

Municipal Elections are held every four years.

The R.M. of Oakview has 3 wards and 7 elected positions:

Head of Council (Reeve)
Two Ward 1 Councillors
Two Ward 2 Councillors
Two Ward 3 Councillors

The R.M. of Oakview also has two Local Urban Districts:

Three Committee Members for the Local Urban District of Oak River
Three Committee Members for the Local Urban District of Rapid City



Wards are for election purposes only. The Council represents and looks out for the best interests of the municipality as a whole.
Click the link below to view the ward boundary map
Ward Map

Who Can Vote?

Being on the voters list is necessary for anyone who wants to run for office or vote in the upcoming election.

There are three requirements to be a voter:

1. Must be a Canadian citizen
2. Must be 18 years of age as of election day
3. Must have either lived in the municipality or be a registered owner of a parcel of land in the municipality for at least 6 months before Election Day (April 26th, 2022)

To register your name on the voters list, please contact the SEO.

Click Here for a detailed FAQ regarding voting requirements and methods.