Water Meter Readings are to be read on a quarterly basis: March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th. Please phone or email in your water meter readings to the RM of Oakview offices or fill out the online form on the website.

Any unread meters will be estimated.

Rapid City Utility Customers                        September 3, 2019

NEWS RELEASE – Public Utilities Board Order No. 125/19 – effective October 1, 2019

(By-Law 2015-8)
Oct 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2020
Jan 1, 2021
Quarterly Service Charge $29.19 $22.60 $21.14 $19.68
Water $/per 1,000 gallons $27.49 $34.40 $35.94 $37.48
Sewer $/per 1,000 gallons $3.00 $3.77 $3.94 $4.11
Minimum Quarterly – Water and Sewer* $120.66 $137.11 $140.78 $144.45
Minimum Quarterly – Sewer Only** $54.69 $54.65 $54.63 $54.62

*Based on 3,000 gallons
** Based on 8,500 gallons

Meter Readings – All customers will be required to read their own meters for a three-day period between the 12th and 15th of March, June, September and December and phone, email or text in the meter readings to the municipal office.  If there is a change in ownership or tenants, final meter readings are to be taken on the last day of ownership or tenancy and given to the office for billing purposes.  All meters shall be readily accessible to be read quarterly by municipal staff, if requested.  If a customer fails to provide a meter reading, the meter reading shall be estimated.

Water Meters – Water meters are owned by the RM but are the responsibility of the utility customer to maintain.  If the water meter is broken, frozen, etc., the utility customer will be billed for a new meter at the current cost of replacement.

Mobile Homes – Water meters that are under mobile homes should be brought up to the main level for easier access to read the meter and to prevent the meter from freezing.

Authorization For Officer To Enter Upon Premises – The Public Works Supervisor, or other employee authorized by the Municipality in the absence of the Public Works Supervisor, shall be authorized to enter upon any premise for the purpose of: Affixing to any pipe, wire or apparatus connected with any such utility, a meter or any other measuring or testing device; or taking readings from, repairing, inspecting or removing any meter or apparatus belonging to the Municipality.

Board Orders can be viewed on the Board’s website:  www.pub.gov.mb.cab
Or by clicking: PUB Order 125/19 – Rapid City